Over twelve months ago Mr. Dimmock, our Pastor, suggested to the Deacons that if possible a history of Wellington Road Mission Church should be prepared for the Centenary Thanksgiving Services, to be held, God willing, from 23rd to 30th April 1978.

Out of interest for the subject and ignorance of the demands of such a task, I offered to attempt to compile sufficient for at least a leaflet, or for printing on to the Orders of Service. It seemed to me then that there was not a great deal of information available on such a lowly, albeit spiritually vital place of worship. How wrong I was!

All credit is due to those Deacons of Hunters Lane Church who in bygone years meticulously set down in writing the essential details of the conduct of their Church affairs, and to the Deacons who in recent years preserved these invaluable minute books, and unwittingly contributed to making my research more arduous but infinitely more interesting and rewarding.

The outcome of my prayers, delving, meditation, erasions and substitutions is here; much larger than one would ever have expected.

My prayer throughout this preparation has been:-

"Heavenly Father, prepare me each day for this important task. Take away from me anything that would hinder or spoil this account of Thy work and boundless provision throughout these 'one hundred years, and more'. Make the words factual, interesting and a source of inspiration and encouragement to us all, so that during the time Thou hast ordained for our service for Thee in this district of Wellington Road, we shall, by Thy grace and Holy Spirit, be empowered to spread the Gospel of Thy salvation. "

First, I must record with sincere gratitude my appreciation of the assistance given to me by many friends and co-workers at Wellington Road Mission Church. I am indebted to the Rev. F. O. Brown, M. A., Minister of Hunters Lane Church, Mr. H. Shanks their Secretary, and the Deacons for the generous facility afforded me to study their minute books.

I am most grateful to the Rev. David V. Jebson, Superintendent of the Liverpool City Mission, and to Pastor J. B. Nixon who have kindly read the manuscript and given me many helpful suggestions.

I must express my appreciation of the facilities provided at the Reference Library in William Brown Street where I perused Ordnance Survey maps of Wavertree, Gore's Directories for the 1860's and 1870's and "The Victoria History of the Counties of England Lancashire", volume 3.

I am also indebted to Carl Fox, Commercial Photographers, of The Temple, Dale Street, and A & J. McLaine, Jewellers, Richmond Street, who assisted me beyond the normal courtesies of business.

Last, but by no means least, to my wife who has so willingly undertaken all the typing of the script and helped so much with suggestions and corrections, my warmest appreciation and gratitude.

The story of these "One Hundred y ears - and more," impresses upon us the reality of God's boundless provision as demonstrated in the experiences of hope, opportunity, expectation, frustration, failure, excitement, concern, success, and above all, the abundant blessings of fulfillment in His Service. I pray that God will make this account of the past a source of inspiration to us all for' the present and the future, particularly to the leaders of our children's and young people's activities.

James W. Tighe,

on behalf of the pastor and deacons of Wellington Road Mission Church.