The Proper Placement of the American Flag by a Door

The U.S. flag is subject to a detailed code of etiquette.

In 1942, the federal government established the first federal Flag Code detailing how to properly display and use the U.S. flag. The code does not establish criminal penalties for failure to comply; it's intended as a guide for civilians who want to show proper respect for the flag when they're flying it. The code explains how to fly a flag near your door.


Possible Locations

Del Webb Orlando Design Guidlines, II.C.m.) Flag Display - paraagraph 3

A wall mounted bracket should be installed on the home, in the front center above the garage door, or on the opposite side of the address sign on the garage wall.

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Location and Position

The union, or the blue section of the flag, should always be placed to the left of observers or visitors. This means your flag should be positioned to the left side of your front door, not the right. You may display the flag from a staff hung at an angle or horizontally from the front of the home, and the union should always be placed at the top or end of the staff unless the flag is flying at half staff. If you do fly your flag at half staff to honor a holiday or presidential decree, the flag should be raised to the peak of the staff for just a moment before being lowered to half staff.


Traditionally, the flag was meant to be displayed from sunrise to sunset, then lowered during the night. If you prefer to fly Old Glory around the clock, it's acceptable to keep the flag displayed day and night as long as you light the flag at night. For example, a small spotlight or floodlight placed by your front door and angled toward the flag could provide the proper level of light.